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Svetlana Smolina, with Adrian Daurov on Cello and Nikita Morozov on Violin, Presents a Recital at Steinway Hall E-mail
Sunday, 04 May 2014 00:00

Tonight’s Steinway Hall concert was poignant and awe-inspiring, especially so, because Steinway Hall, the magnificent home of the Steinway piano sales and studios, as well as the uniquely elegant, performance lobby, with marble columns and frescoed ceilings, will soon be taken down to make room for new construction.

The Hall will relocate, and I truly hope it will retain its elegance and purity of acoustics. Svetlana Smolina, solo pianist in tonight’s recital, was later joined by Nikita Morozov, on violin, and Adrian Daurov, on cello. Steinway Hall was packed, thanks to Eddie Strauss’ (Steinway sales representative) outreach, and also thanks to many friends of tonight’s three performers. The first half of the concert was Ms. Smolina’s solo recital, on a concert grand Steinway, staged next to a gorgeously lit New York skyline photo, an amazing bit of theater.

The Schumann-Liszt Widmung was a romantic, yearning work, showcasing immediately Ms. Smolina’s virtuosity and aplomb. She tore into the keyboard with confidence and poise. The Schumann Arabesque in C major was balletic in tempo, swirling with feverish dervish. Chords and volume shifted with drama. The Rachmaninoff Variations on a Theme of Corelli was also drama-driven, with the initial theme followed by brief treble trills and filmatic mystery. Islamey by Balakirev was approached with thrilling keyboard attacks, as the theme was evocative of birds swirling in flight. It had exotic, Asian infusions. But, it was the Strauss/Schulz-Evler Concert Arabesque on a theme by J. Strauss, “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” that brought the crowd to its feet. In between a fantasy theme that resembled a glass harmonica merging with a harp, the strains of the “Blue Danube Waltz” emanated with liquid languor and luscious luminosity. At times it evoked Ravel’s La Valse, with its theatrical vibrancy and transfixing surreal-ness. Ms. Smolina sparked the imagination with the magic of this Concert Arabesque.

After intermission, for the Tchaikovsky Trio in A minor, “In Memory of a Great Artist”, Ms. Smolina was joined by Mr. Daurov on cello and Mr. Morozov on violin. This Trio was an homage to Tchaikovsky’s friend Nikolai Rubenstein. The “Pezzo Elegiaco (Moderato assai – Allegro giusto)” theme was grandiose and alluring. Eleven Variations followed, plus a Finale and Coda. The “Più mosso” was elongated and tragic in mood, shifting seamlessly to the “Allegro moderato”. The cello and violin followed the piano closely as Tchaikovsky’s Variations reinvented themselves over and over in echoing, repetitive refrains. Two “L’istesso tempo” Variations were followed by “Tempo di Valse”, with Ms. Smolina once again introducing swirling, dreamlike musicality on the sumptuous Steinway. The “Allegro Moderato” was followed by the “Fuga” Variation, and, at this point, Mr. Daurov and Mr. Morozov had each presented stunning solos with clear, warm tones and scintillating resonance. The “Andante flebile, ma non tanto” was then followed by the “Tempo di Mazurka” Variation, with supple and symmetrical measures. The “Moderato”, then “Variazioni Finale e coda”, were both replete with sensational string flourishes, that matched the first-class virtuosity of Ms. Smolina on the Steinway. Kudos to all, and kudos to the Steinway concert grand. For a private appointment for the May 16-18, 2014 Steinway & Sons Factory Savings Event, contact Eddie Strauss at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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